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About us

Learn more about the person behind Amalia Boutique Hotel and his team

Learn more about the person behind Amalia Boutique Hotel and his team

It all started with a dream.

After graduating high school, Haitham became a flight attendant so he could follow his passion to travel endlessly and explore the world.
He worked for five years at the Antillean Airlines (ALM) as a flight attendant and stayed constantly in various hotels around the world.

Those five years were the foundation of his dream: one day he would have his own exclusive, boutique hotel.
Something intimate and of good quality where guests will feel at home and enjoy a unique Curaçao experience.
An accommodation that is more than just a guest house or a bed and breakfast, yet not as big and unpersonal as a hotel or a resort, but a boutique hotel where personal attention is important. A retreat where guests can realx and have direct contact with the owner who can tell them all about the destination, it's people and culture.

Haitham designed and built Amalia Vacation Apartments in 2009.
An Adults Only vacation retreat where guests can enjoy quality time together.

In 2015 he expanded the property. He bought the house next door, so he could offer his guests superior service and a bigger variety of accommodations.
Now his guests can choose between an apartment or a room, with or without breakfast.
Amalia Vacation Apartments became Amalia Boutique Hotel.

Haitham is frequently on the premises and will happily answer any question you may have.
As a guest you will also get his mobile number so you can get in touch with him when needed.

Another one of his passions is making concrete sculptures.
Each one has Amalia as a first name. His sculptures are displayed in the courtyard of the hotel where guests get to enjoy their breakfast as well.

Haitham is also very involved in tourism on the island.
He was the chairman of an association for small hotels on Curaçao. Now he's a member of Curaçao Hospitality And Tourism Association (CHATA) where he remains in close contact with the major hotels on the island and he regularly travels with the CHATA and Curaçao Tourist Buro to promote Curaçao and Amalia Boutique Hotel.

Haitham treasures the uniqueness of each human being and their culture. When travelling you will always find him mingling and engaging with the local community wherever he goes.
Always eager to learn and share, and exchange experiences and expand his horizons and fill his heart with these priceless treasures.

Haitham speaks 4 languages: English, Spanish, Dutch and our native Papiamentu.
He has two children: Emile (16) and Danielle (11)

Carmen is in charge of housekeeping.
She's quiet and takes her work seriously.

Camilo works over the weekends and he's in charge of the maintenance.
He doesn't like coffee that much, but he loves spicy food.

"at Amalia Boutique Hotel we welcome guests, but we say farewell to friends"